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The American Muscle Car Museum

Edward Marsi

An accomplished financial professional, Edward “Ed” Marsi brings more than a decade of experience to his current position as a senior financial consultant with TD Ameritrade in Manchester, New Hampshire. Outside of his professional life, Edward Marsi participates in a diverse range of hobbies that include traveling, martial arts, and pursuing an interest in muscle cars.

Though the exact definition of a muscle car is up for debate, the general definition states a muscle car must be a performance-oriented, mid-sized, and affordable car sporting a V8 engine. Each year, the muscle car community gathers to view cars and discuss their passions at events around the country. Since 2016, muscle car enthusiasts have had a new muscle-car mecca to visit in Melbourne, Florida.

The American Muscle Car Museum, founded by entrepreneur and muscle car collector Mark Pieloch, displays the owner’s $28 million collection on a 123,000-square-foot complex. The collection includes more than 35 Indy 500 pace cars, 20 Yenkos, and a 1966 Shelby Cobra that's worth $1.5 million. Additionally, the collection features 100 cars with less than 1,000 original miles, including 40 with less than 100 miles.

Though the nonprofit museum is not open to the general public, the facility is available for special car-related events, charity fundraisers, and school-related activities. To learn more about The American Muscle Car Museum and its collections, please visit

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