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Signs That Your Investment Portfolio Needs Work

Edward Marsi

New Hampshire-based financial consultant Edward “Ed” Marsi examines clients’ portfolios and financial goals to ensure their financial needs are met. Additionally, Edward Marsi discusses investment strategy with clients and teaches them about such things as portfolio management.

Below are several signs that your investment portfolio may be weak:

- Objectives are not clear: Good portfolios that function well are all guided by a set of clear investment objectives. But fixing this isn’t as easy as just setting any goal and leaving it be. Investment objectives must be consistently updated since goals usually change over time and are different for people of different ages and wealth.

- Most investments are in one thing: It’s never good to invest everything in the same thing. You must diversify to ensure your portfolio is capable of reaching the goals you set and operating in accordance with your risk tolerance. Also, make sure you diversify based on geographical location in addition to sector and type.

- Investment fees are outrageous: You won’t be able to completely avoid investment fees, but you should be cautious of how much those fees are. If the fees are too high, they eat away at your profits and may keep your portfolio from bringing in the money it should. Always check for low-fee and no-fee investment options when possible, and be cautious of any hidden fees that you may be paying.

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