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Fortune 500 Methodology and Related Statistics

Edward Marsi

Edward "Ed" Marsi has worked with multiple organizations in the fields of sales and finance, including Utah's Onset Financial and New Hampshire's TD Ameritrade. During his time with Onset Financial, Edward Marsi worked with the leaders of many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

To qualify for the Fortune 500 or Fortune 100 lists, a company must be incorporated in and operate within the United States. This rule includes both private companies and cooperatives, provided the cooperatives file appropriate financial statements, as well as mutual insurance companies, which file with state agencies. A company's ranking is dependent upon its total revenue in its most recent fiscal year.
While revenue determines a company's placement on the Fortune 500 list, Fortune also makes a wide range of other statistics about participating companies available. The most notable of these include profits, which are shown after taxes but before preferred dividends, as well as the company's overall balance sheet. Some smaller factors also reported are the number of employees, earnings per share, and total return for investors.

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