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Boss 429 Mustang Discovered in Alabama

Edward Marsi

Senior financial consultant Edward Marsi works at TD Ameritrade in New Hampshire, first joining the firm in 2012. In his role, he works with families and individuals to help them achieve their financial goals. In his leisure time, Edward Marsi maintains an interest in muscle cars.

Recently, a muscle car restoration shop owner and dealer discovered one of the most desirable cars among muscle car collectors in a shed, a 1970 Boss 429 Mustang. This barn find was unearthed in Alabama after spending 30 years hidden away from the light of day. The owner of the car had done some work on the vehicle, such as spraying a clear coat over the car’s stock paint and modifying the traction bars, wheels, and tires slightly. However, the power train was original to the vehicle and most other components were kept in very good condition despite the car’s storage.

Mustang made the Boss 429 starting in 1969 in an effort to create a NASCAR racing package. Production of the vehicle only lasted until 1970 and a total of 1,358 cars were made. Of those, only 499 were made at Ford’s in-house production plant. Kar Kraft, a Ford performance subcontractor, handled the construction and engineering of most of the 429s.
Even more rare than finding a 429 made at Ford’s plant is finding one with the white interior and Calypso Coral paint. Only 13 of the vehicles had this paint and interior pair.

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