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Benefits of the CRPC Designation

Edward Marsi

A senior financial consultant with TD Ameritrade, Edward “Ed” Marsi works with clients to help them plan financially for retirement. To better serve his clients, Edward Marsi is currently pursuing his chartered retirement planning counselor (CRPC) certification.

Maintained by the College for Financial Planning (CFP), the CRPC certification program offers financial planners a thorough overview of the shifting landscape of retirement planning. To earn the designation, individuals must take a course through the CFP and pass a final examination.

Earning a CRPC certificate provides the recipient with a number of benefits. For example, CRPC holders earn an average of 9 percent more in salary, while an increasing number of financial planning firms report a preference for employees who hold the designation. Additionally, recipients earn up to 45 hours of continuing education credit through the program and can test out of one-third of the courses required for CFP’s Certified Professional Education program.
Because of the constantly changing nature of the retirement planning field, CRPC certification must be renewed every two years. Renewal requirements include a nominal fee, evidence the holder has followed the CFP’s code of ethics, and proof that the holder has earned their continuing education credits.

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